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based on “If You Forget Me" by Pablo Neruda

Something I whipped up quickly because 1.) letsdrawsherlock comes up with the best project prompts, and 2.) I am a bit of a poetry enthusiast. Irregular verse is not my division, though - I’ve always been a bit of a haiku girl - but I recalled this poem from one of my past lectures and if you can read through that and not think of post-Reichenbach Sherlock then I greatly envy your mighty soul.

This is the uncut, slightly more cluttered version, if anyone wants to see it.

1 year ago, 30/04/13 | 38 notes
#famous works #letsdrawsherlock #BBC Sherlock #typography #poetry #Pablo Neruda #might make another one if i get the time #which i doubt #oh well #graphic
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